MicroStem launches c-Stem Pluripotency Array for stem cell quality control

 MicroStem is pleased to launch the c-Stem microarray system for culturing and analyzing embryonic or induced pluripotent stem cells.  The c-Stem system utilizes a ChamberMatrix Array platform to create 16 "wells", each containing MicroStem's StemMatrix ECM in 9 replicate spots.  Stem cells will attach to the spots in roughly 3 hours and after a total of 12 hours in culture the array can be fixed and stained for pluripotency markers such as Oct4 or Nanog.  Stained arrays can be visualized under a fluorescent microscope, digital array scanner, high-content imager or similar device.  Some of the benefits of the c-Stem arrays:

  • Process up to 16 ES or iPS clones simultaneously on a sinlge slide array
  • Easy to read images with cells localized on 500µm spots
  • Obtain results overnight

Coming Soon:  

d-Stem microarrays for more in-depth quality control of stem cells including assessment of potential to differentiation into 3 germ layers.  These arrays will have 4 different ECM for each clone, one each on which to assess for pluripotency, meso, ecto and endoderm differentiation.  d-Stem arrays will be a fast, easy and economical alternative to teratoma formation or other current methods for assessing differentiation potential.  Available summer 2012, contact us if you are interested in field testing early release.